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Now Bing-able: Seattle’s major malls!

In a battle to rally search engine market share, Microsoft is taking their fight… to the mall. The Redmond giant (I know it’s cliche to use that phrase, but for some reason it amuses me every time) now offers detailed maps of hundreds of shopping centers around the country, including all the major ones in the Puget Sound.

Southcenter, for example:

From a person who is always looking for a directory to find that elusive-but-ever-present watch repair store (psst, it’s next to the nail salon and the tux rental shop), thanks.  And it’s not a bad way to win over some fans, especially of the younger demographic.

(Now… what to do about those aerial photos… I mean, come on, it still shows the movie theater being built, which means it’s at least four years old.  And the other aerial pic is even older.)

via Microsoft Blog

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