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Angry Birds gets Seattle partner

Seattle-based startup Medio is partnering with the company that makes those wildly popular birds of destruction. 

Rovio, makers of the 300-million-times-downloaded Angry Birds, will be using Medio technology to track who tosses those birds into the pigs (or monkeys or whatever enemy is stealing their eggs).

Says Rovio:

"… our games generate a gold mine of consumer behavior across every demographic, from kids to senior citizens. Figure out a way to crunch those data in real-time and the result will be much better game play for all to enjoy."

"With more than 200 million people world-wide playing games like Angry Birds, Rovio and others are presented with the gift of “Big Data” 24 hours a day. Over the span of even just a few months, these data sets are massive – from dozens of terabytes to many petabytes – unstructured and complex. But they contain a gold mine of information that we think can increase our fan engagement and satisfaction."

Oh, and marketing dollars.


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